Sending very large attachments is easier than ever


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Binfer is a tool to send emails with large attachments like videos or software with no need to upload them to FTP servers. The program interface lets you easily access your inbox and outbox plus send new messages, including as many attachments as you want, with a single click.

The app, once installed and running, stays in your system tray and notifies you when a new message is received. And it consumes very little in the way of resources – much appreciated on a program like this.

Binfer is an excellent alternative for sending very large files, especially since it's relatively common to come up short with the limits on many email servers and have to send everything all over again. For privacy, ease, and speed, it's a great application to keep in mind.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher.


The trial version has certain limits, like a 1GB limit on uploads per month.

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